Choosing Aeromongolia for your domestic flights will make your life less terrifying and more colourful. And you will get to any wedding in time.

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Tsogo and his favourite rock.

There is no better way to introduce our photographer Zlu Haller than posting this pic.

He calls it “Dances With Wolves”.

Movie Screenings

This is where and when Camels Are Never Cold will be shown.

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Tavan Bogd - A Walk Around Base Camp from Die Bergstation on Vimeo.

Wandering around base camp the evening before setting off to Khuiten, the highest mountain of Mongolia.

This camel got to carry our skis.

But the real reason it smiles so broadly is that it just came back from the beauty salon. Now it’s got eyelash extensions and is sporting a brand new hairstyle. Snazzy!

Liz playing King Midas the day before we set off for base camp.

Michi pointing at things.

"Things" is Naran, the mountain between Alexander and Potanin glacier. We ended up skiing the colouirs on the left (SE) and the couloirs and open face on the right (facing north).

None other than the granddaddy of ski magazines POWDER did a story on our little trip and when I say story I mean half-drunk interview over Skype. 

Here’s the feature, and we feel obliged to point out that Stephan said “stoned eyes”, not “stone eyes”. Must be a cultural thing.

"Pure Mongolian Crystal!"

"Give ya two tons of yakshit for it."

Because that question always comes up (inevitably), and since our great photographer Zlu Haller never goes anywhere without his camera we are happy to share this pic.

"Zlu With A View"

A few websites picked up the trailer (ie. more than three). Here are a few picks.

Snow Brains is one of them, and for whatever reason they posted a pic of a wild Mongolian ass in full flight. Ass is another word for donkey. Really.

And here’s GrindTV, who use “wanders” and “wanderlust” in the same sentence. Not bad, not bad at all.

This is Mel.

Read what she had to say about the trip here.

"Never lose your cool when playing Shithead." This was a lot more fun than it looks. And colder.

(Sitting out a snowstorm in the kitchen tent.)